Lys’ Orruks:

++ **Pitched Battle GHB 2021** 2,000 (Destruction – Orruk Warclans) [1,985pts] ++
+ Core Battalion +

Core Battalion: Command Entourage: Strategist

Orruk Warclans Core Battalion: Ironjawz Fist

+ Leader [685pts] +

Megaboss on Maw-krusha [480pts]: Amulet of Destiny, Boss Gore-hacka and Choppa, Command Entourage – 1 Commander, Damage Table, Innard-bursting Bellow, Mighty Fists and Tail, Smelly ‘Un

Orruk Warchanter [115pts]: 3. Killa Beat, Command Entourage – 2-3 Sub-Commanders, Gorkstikk and Morkstikk

Orruk Weirdnob Shaman [90pts]: Command Entourage – 2-3 Sub-Commanders, Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork, General, Master of Magic, Waaagh! Staff

+ Behemoth [430pts] +

Rogue Idol [430pts]: Boulder Fists, Damage Table, Stompin’ Feet

+ Battleline [790pts] +

Orruk Ardboys [170pts]: 10 Ardboys [85pts], Ardboy Choppas, Ironjawz Fist – 2-5 Troops, Musician, Reinforced [85pts], Standard Bearer

Orruk Brutes [320pts]: 10 Brutes [160pts], Boss Klaw and Brute Smasha, Brute Choppas, 2x Gore-choppa, Ironjawz Fist – 2-5 Troops, Reinforced [160pts]

Orruk Gore-Gruntas [300pts]: 6 Gore-Gruntas [150pts], Ironjawz Fist – 2-5 Troops, Jagged Gore-hacka, Reinforced [150pts], Tusks and Hooves

+ Other [80pts] +

Ironskull’z Boyz [80pts]: Big Choppa, Boss Choppas, Choppas, Smashas

+ Allegiance +

. Allegiance: Orruk Warclans
. . Ironjawz: Bloodtoofs

+ Game Options +

Game Type: 2000 Points – Battlehost

Grand Strategy: Hold the Line

++ Total: [1,985pts] ++

Exodus’ Fireslayer: