This multipurpose army of world eaters kicked off with the release of the Horus-Heresy 2.0. starter box. As world eaters were also announced for warhammer 40k as chaos space marine faction, juan went with the idea to combine the range of 30k and 40k to use the army in both systems.

The pre-heresy white/blue was set to be the colour-scheme for this army.

The paint jobs of the army center-pieces were realised by our partners at pile-of-shame studios in hamburg, germany – the rest has been basecoated in the similar colours and finished by juan himself.


Primarch Angron (Forgeworld Model) | possible use in 40k: Daemon Prince
First Captain Kharn (Forgeworld Model) | possible use in 40k: Kharn
Praetor with Energy-Axe | possible use in 40k: CSM: Master of Executions or Chaos Lord with Axe


Red Butchers – Terminator Squad I | possible use in 40k: Chaos Terminators